Thursday, April 24, 2008

If You Post It They Will Come

Well, we made it home this afternoon at about 4pm after a great week at Living Stones in Clifton Forge, VA.  It was awesome to be able to work alongside Josh's dad as he preached the gospel.  The trip today was a bit interesting.  Let's just say we are comparing prices on the book "The Strong-Willed Child".  Zeke is such a sweet little boy...until you ask him to do something!  (more about that in a future post)  Anyway, we got home and I went straight to work on cleaning the bathroom.  Why?  Not only is a potty-training bathroom nasty and ...well, just nasty, but my parents were on their way to our house for a visit!!  That's right.  They live in Colorado Springs and we were just trying to figure out the last time they both came for a visit.  ANSWER...the beginning of last November.  Way too long.  They have some meetings in SC and are visiting us because they are so close.  The funny thing is that we were all sitting here and I couldn't remember exactly when the last time my mom had been here.  I just KNEW she'd been here one other time than when we first moved in almost 2 years ago but couldn't put my finger on when.  My mom felt the same way.  After discussing this for about 5 minutes my mom jumped up and said "oh yeah honey, the last time we came was in Nov.  I remember because you got those awful bruises from the old futon."  Sorry dad=(  I can't help but laugh, especially since I just wrote about it in THIS BLOG.  Ha! Well, I'm so glad they are here and so are the kids!!
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