Monday, April 7, 2008

Nation-Wide Coffee Taste Test and Splurging

I was reading MoneySavingMom today and stumbled on this:  Starbucks Coffee is holding a nation-wide taste test tomorrow April 8th.  Check out all the details HERE to get your free 8oz. test.  Our time zone will be at noon.  Perfect timing for us.  We have always splurged to get Starbucks coffee at the grocery store, but since I've been finding ways to cut down on our weekly grocery bill (I just have to add that I've gotten our grocery's for under $70 3 weeks ago, last week was only $61 and this week was only $57 - I'm finally getting the hang of this) okay, that was just a little side note...we started getting Cafe Bustelo, which I think is fine and up until yesterday I thought Josh was okay with it too.  Most of you are well aware that Starbucks is almost $10 at regular price (unless it's on sale like it is at Target this week!)  and I can get Cafe Bustelo for about $3 at regular price.  So anyway, we were going to church yesterday afternoon and Josh randomly looked at me with a very depressed look and a saddened heart and said "Did you find any sales on Starbuck's Coffee this week" with which he later added "baby, can you get some Starbucks this week?"  Poor guy, the other just isn't cutting it.  Some things you just can't cut costs on.  What things do you JUST HAVE TO HAVE and you refuse to cut costs on?
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