Saturday, April 5, 2008

Kids and Funerals

Josh's Great Uncle Gene passed away on Thursday morning and Josh and I had the privilege of playing for his funeral this morning.  He was more of a grandfather figure to Josh and we KNOW he is up in heaven with our Lord.  It has been nice to be here with the family and his wife, Velma.  I'm still trying to figure out what is appropriate for children at funerals and at the grave site though.  I couldn't help but laugh inside while Zeke kept trying to wave at Uncle Gene lying in the casket and his fascination with all the plastic flowers out at the cemetery. Areyna did really well the whole time and I only got one dirty look from an older lady while Zeke called out to his Poppie who was leading the service.  What can ya do, huh?  We are heading home in a little while after we catch some of the Final4 tonight so we can be ready for a full day at Parkwood(am) and Ridge(pm) tomorrow.
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