Monday, April 21, 2008

Real Simple

I'm not a huge magazine reader, actually not much of a reader at all for that matter, but I must say that I can't resist the organizational advice and ideas in Real Simple magazine.  Now, I'm not necessarily advocating every article written in that magazine but I love the idea of having a simplistic lifestyle and using what I've already got to make something better.  I used some of my birthday money to buy a subscription and have been waiting anxiously for the first arrival, which came just in time for our trip to Virginia this week.  It sure made the trip go quicker today=)   Since Josh and I started our ministry we have truly seen it all...small buildings, contemporary buildings, "portable" churches, power point, overhead projectors, hymnals, traditional, contemporary, ties, jeans, name it.  I've come to truly believe that there is not just ONE WAY OF DOING CHURCH.  God is at work in MANY ways!  We've talked to people who have left churches with big screens, fancy lighting, fool-proof transitions and rock-n-roll type music for the small country church up the road with no child care and people walking around all throughout the preaching.  We've talked to others who prefer the liturgical worship style while others prefer the intentional and planned out contemporary style over the strict traditional style.  Tonight we lead worship for Living Stones Ministries in Clifton Forge, VA.  Oh, you've never heard of Clifton Forge?  I hadn't either.  It was a beautiful drive on the way out their though.  We walked into the church and they really didn't have much of anything.  No lights, just 2 TV monitors for screens and that was about it, but that isn't what I noticed most of all.  I noticed people hugging each other, not just smiling and shaking hands, but sincerely engaging with other people.  It didn't stop there.  After the choir finished we got up to do our stuff and there was no inviting them into worship, they were already there!  Standing up, clapping, singing out so loud I couldn't even hold my own tears back.  Wow.  A couple came forward tonight to recommit their marriage to the Lord.  Praise The Lord for meeting His people wherever they are.
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