Wednesday, April 16, 2008

28 Things - Part 4

16- When Josh plays the game, Monopoly, there are no nice stacks of money.  He piles it all up in a big pile of disarray and he never really knows how much money he actually has=)
17- Josh is a very hard worker and a quick learner.  For example, Josh's first bookshelf that he made slightly resembled, well, I'm not sure, but let's just say that everything slid to one side.  Then he started working construction while we were in seminary.  He learned soooo much.  Check out the picture from this post of Areyna and look at the deck he built by himself (Geoffrey Janes came to give him a hand too).  He is the same with everything he does.  Pretty self-motivated and willing to learn=)  (Just one of the many reasons why I love him!)

18- A hopeless romantic.  Shhh, don't tell him I said that.  When we were in College he took a big poster and wrote "I like you, Tasha Litke" (we didn't say we loved each other until we were engaged) and taped it to the wall across the hall from my class so that EVERYONE in my class, including my professor and all the other classes on that side of the hall, could see it.  I on the other hand don't like to draw attention to myself and was a bit embarrassed and I turned bright red and started sweating pretty bad.  Pretty sweet guy though=)

19- He analyzes and prays about each decision he makes, weighing every option.  (works good for the both of us since I'm like...ok, let's do it, right now!!)

20- He makes up cool, random games with the kids, i.e. "Gotcha" - a game played with young toddlers with which have a little vocabulary but like to be chased by grown-ups 10X's bigger than themselves.  The child must be able to approach the adult and say "gotcha" and then turn to run as hard and as fast as their little legs can carry them until either the adult catches them or they run head on into a wall or piece of furniture, inevitably bringing on a fountain of tears, and then a little shaky "gotcha" to start the game over again!
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