Wednesday, April 16, 2008

28 Things - Part 5 - THE END

21- Josh loves making cookies at night after the kids go to bed

22- He can sleep completely comfortably with all his clothes on (including shoes and socks). That's just weird!

23- He tells great bed time stories to the kids. Most of them include Maurey the Muskrat and Sherman the Squirrel. (Just ask Areyna about them. Apparently they are some of her "favorite friends")

24- He loves to work out and play basketball with his brothers and dad. We fell in love jogging together...awwww! In fact, when we were first married we'd wake up at 5am every morning to get our workout in at the "Y" before we'd head out to work. How in the world did we do that!!!

25- He was a youth pastor for 4 years before we moved here. Living Stones...we still love you guys!

26- His first job in seminary was being a security guard. He was pretty hot in his uniform=)

27- He is a great haiku writer...HERE's an example of his finest!

Okay, 1 more...
28- He is extremely allergic to poison oak and poison ivy

Man, I think I'll do something else for him on his 29th birthday=)

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