Thursday, March 27, 2008

How Much Is A Car Inspection?

So, somehow Josh and I brilliantly scheduled for both of our cars to have their inspections by the end of...wait!...this month.  Josh decided to take the Trooper today and we'll take the Honda tomorrow.  We weren't worried about the Trooper except for the "check engine" light that has come on and off since we bought the car.  We went through quite a time last year convincing the guys that our car is just one of those troopers that is known for having the light come on for no reason.  They put it through several tests and nothing turned up so it passed.  Well that was last year.  Josh left around 1pm this afternoon and still isn't back.  Supposedly the same scenario occurred this year but 6 things were flagged during the diagnostic.  We're basically looking at about $800-900 dollars.  And this is the good car.  I can't help but laugh.  As soon as we think we've got our finances in order and under control we're thrown for a loop, just so we'll depend on God to provide like he always does=).  Bring on the Honda inspection!!!
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