Thursday, March 27, 2008

Discount Medical Bills

When you get a medical bill in the mail don't pay the full sum right off hand.  Call the number on the bill and ask them if you qualify for any kind of discount if you are willing to pay in full right then.  If it is still too high then just stick to the minimum payment until you can pay it off.  When Josh, my husband, broke his hand 2 days before we were supposed to play in a wedding (I know, I worry about that kind of stuff all the time and it actually did happen this time) and when I had to go to the ER I did this with all of those individual bills.  It doesn't hurt to ask.  I don't remember exactly, but one of the bills was dropped by around $400.  It didn't work on all of them but most of them.  I did it with a couple of Areyna's bills when she was born too.  You can check out this blog to get some other good tips on little things that can save you money!
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