Friday, March 28, 2008

Easter (and other things)

Josh and I had a fun easter in VA. Since it was our anniversary (and since we don't know when the Lord will call us to be on staff at a church again, which means no holidays away from your church) we better take advantage and get out of town=) We celebrated Easter at Josh's parents church and then Josh and I took off for Lexington, VA You can see some pretty good pictures of our adventures there on Josh's blog. Then we got coffee at Starbucks, went to a movie (hadn't done that together since Christmas), got dinner at one of my all-time favorites, Panera Bread and then headed over to Barnes and Noble to sit and read (we were instructed by the Meme not to be home before the kids went down for bed so it seemed like 2 nights away). It almost seemed like we were back in seminary on a date night after work. This is a little late but I never really did tell everyone what we did for our anniversary. Better late than never, huh.
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