Monday, February 18, 2008

What Day Is It?

We are in Virginia...yes, again. We had some last minute ministry stuff to get done before taxes, but mostly, we just needed to come here at least one time without having a long list of stuff to get done. Since Josh and I started this ministry every time we come to Virginia it seems to be totally business related because it's the only time Janet, his mom, and I have to get together and go over the ministry things. A lot of times we have to be out the door by 2pm for a gig and we still have to stuff and label the newsletter, eat lunch, take showers and pack the kids up, who are most definately trying to find ANYTHING to frustrate their mother even more. This all said, I've been a basketcase the last few times we've been here, just trying to get it all done. My poor mother-in-law is probably wondering who her son has married=) Well, not this week! I only have one thing on my ministry to-do list and the rest of the time I'm gonna sit around in my jammies. Well, almost the whole time. Josh and I are going on our Valentine's Date on Wed. I know, a little overdue, but very worth the wait since his book is finally done!!
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