Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lip Gloss and "Gee-tah"

We're out of town so of course Zeke is sick. Tonight has been especially bad. Zeke has been aimlessly wandering around not knowing what he wants and melting down about who knows what. Areyna keeps chasing him around the house asking if he wants some lip gloss, her new favorite toy at Meme's house, and Zeke is getting frustrated with his unvoluntary shiny lips. The only thing that Zeke has been remotely insistant on is listening to "daddy, gee-tah". Meme and Poppie have been listening to our Return Worship CD all evening, since it's the only thing that keeps Zeke from fussing, and Zeke ONLY wants daddy's songs and as soon as they are about to end he calls out "mo, mo,mo" until we turn another one of his songs. THEN Meme pulled out an old guitar and he's been in heaven ever since! He's such a music boy, even when he doesn't feel good.
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