Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Year's Resolution

Have any of you made them? Well, I have one that I'm really going to set out to do. I went to a women's conference with Ginger Plowman a couple of months ago and she had some GREAT insight on child rearing. One thing that convicted me the most is that she said we, as parents, tend to parent only half-way. Meaning, when one of our children does something they shouldn't do, we tell them that they were wrong and give some kind of consequence. God tells us that this kind of parenting is not the complete way. The end goal should not only be to make our children act nice, have good manners and be polite. Although these are all good things, we need to train and discipline the heart and tell them WHY what they did is wrong and give them a way out by showing them and practicing with them what a better action or attitude might have been by using scripture. I'm terrible with memorization but God has commanded us to hide his Word in our hearts, that we might not sin against Him. I want my children to GET THIS and see me apply God's Word to our everyday lives. You can click on Ginger's link above and go to her products and scroll down to a neat little booklet she put together called Wise Words For Moms. What a great tool to get us started!
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