Saturday, January 5, 2008


Areyna started eating peanut butter when she was a year and was fine...until about 7 or 8 months later. We gave her a peanut butter cracker and she looked like Will Smith in the movie "Hitch". Everywhere her body came in contact with the peanut butter swelled up and got hives. Needless to say we haven't given her any more peanut butter, nor have we tried to see if Zeke could eat it. Well yesterday Josh was eating peanut butter crackers and we decided it was time to try again, so, we gave each of the kids 1...then 2...NOTHING HAPPENED. We couldn't believe it. I was Ecstatic, something else to add to Areyna's birdlike eating habits. So, today was a huge day; Zeke and Rainy's first Peanut Butter Sandwiches, ever!! They each downed their half sandwich and demanded MORE. So, I made them another. Don't get too excited yet. Yes, Zeke was fine but within 2 minutes Areyna started complaining about her eyes and mouth hurting and her face started to swell up like a balloon again. AHH! I don't understand. So, for now, NO MORE peanut butter for Areyna=( Thank the Lord for Benadryl.
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