Monday, January 7, 2008

The Prayer Of Areyna

The last few nights Areyna has come out of her room at night talking about a noise she hears outside and that it scares her. We just pray with her, tell her that she can talk to Jesus herself about what she is scared of, peak out her window to make sure nothing is out there, give her a thumbs up that everything is okay, kiss her goodnight and leave her listening for more noises. I sure hope she hasn't inherited any of my sleeping habits. Anyway, last night it was kind of late and we had a VERY brief devotion and tuck in routine. As I was walking out, I looked back to Areyna squeezing her eyes shut as she uttered her VERY FIRST prayer to our Heavenly Father, "Jesus, thank you Jesus for Areyna not being scared of noises anymore, Jesus. Amen". How sweet is that. Completely unprompted.

PS-Thanks for all the tidbits about the peanut butter. I looked at the crackers box today at the grocery store to see what kind of peanut butter was in them and it didn't say. Oh well.
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