Monday, November 5, 2007

No-good Shopper

You won't hear many girls say this, but, I HATE SHOPPING, for many reasons. First of all, I always want more than I could ever afford, second, I can't ever make up my mind. I'll pick something up and put it down a dozen times and end up walking out of the store without purchasing a single thing. Third, if I'm looking for clothes they never fit right, AHHH. The conclusion is, I'm a no-good shopper. See, my sister-in-law, Keesha Via, just started a home buisiness with AT HOME AMERICA and she had her first party here in Wake Forest tonight. I drove up here to support her, and she did a GREAT job. *By the way, if you are interested in hosting a party or even a catalog party let me know and I'll pass on her information to you. Anyway, I found out tonight that I can't even catalog shop without getting overwhelmed. I sat there looking at the catalog for a good 2 hours during and after the party and changed my mind so many times that I just gave up. I know my husband thinks that I'm just a good wife that doesn't give in to the impulse of shopping, but the truth is, I'm just no good at it. Lucky him, huh.
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