Thursday, November 8, 2007

Only 4 more days!!!!!!!!

When Josh leaves on a trip, the first couple of days are usually pretty nice and relaxing. I enjoy having our whole bed to myself, waking up late, watching whatever I want on TV, not cooking, etc. A lot of times I travel around. The key to being alone with the kids ALL day by myself is staying busy so we scheduled some time with friends and family. We got back from Wake Forest yesterday afternoon and the kids were exhausted from being in the car, from eating fast food for 5 days and from playing like crazy with their cousins they haven't seen in forever. Needless to say we all needed a day at home to relax. I did go to church last night and got invited to play with Kati and Sara Scott at the big Youth Pastors Conference in Concord. My awesome friend, Raina Newman is the director at the children's ministry during the week at our church and she pulled some strings so I could drop the kids off at the preschool and I could go play. Areyna never cries and is usually the one in the class that eats all the other kids snacks because she's the only one NOT crying. Well, not today. Remember, we all needed a day at home to cuddle on the couch and do nothing. Raina said she cried almost THE WHOLE TIME! Then I asked about Zeke and he wasn't much better. I felt like a terrible mom!! To make things worse, when we were walking out the car, Areyna's balloon elephant popped that she had made and become best friends with. We all just stopped and you'll never guess who started crying...ME! I started balling. Well, now the kids are down for a nap and I'm getting caught up on a weeks worth of office stuff, and I'm ready for Josh to come home!!
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