Saturday, November 3, 2007

The North/South Game

Apparently this is the biggest game of the year! You may have seen the advertisements running on ESPN the past few weeks. And the game traffic, ah... Just kidding, but it is a huge deal at CIU. I'm here, in Columbia, SC with the kids and my mother-in-law. We are spending a little quality time together while our guys are in S.Korea preaching and singing the Word. We still don't understand why they have time to get a quick workout but can't write a quick reply to tell us what they are up to, (j/k babe, I know you're busy!). Anyway, back to CIU. Josh's youngest sibling, Joy is at school here and kept telling us that she couldn't come visit because she had football practice. You see, the school forms 2 girl teams and they practice religiously every week for 2 months for this big game and friends and family come from all over to see the Big Event! We had front row seats, well, I actually ran the track with Zeke as he chased after every ball and dog and Meme followed Areyna around while she got quite a collection of "cool" rocks. Ok, no more suspense, Joy's team won, 12-6. The South dominated, and Joy is stoked b/c she said that they usually lose. So, props for Joy.
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