Friday, April 26, 2019

Track Out Adventures ~ The NC Zoo

One of the first things we planned for track out was an outing to the NC Zoo.
And it did NOT disappoint!

It did begin pouring while we were in Africa, but isn't that just like Africa, lol.

Also, some of the animals weren't in their habitats which was a little disappointing,
but we have promised the kids to go back
(since a year family pass was cheaper than just one trip to the zoo with our family).

We saw cute little otters, one of which we think may have had some mental instability.
Bears and coyotes and PUFFINS!  Alligators and zebras and bison...

Alethia even got to see her beloved flamingos.

We had several favorite parts (another of mine being the adorable porcupine)
but one of them was the dome with all of the exotic birds.

And since we have the big party bus we were able to take my parents with us!

What a fun day we had!

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