Friday, July 21, 2017

Friday Photos : Story In Pictures : #BroughtChloeHome

I don't even know when to begin the countdown.
When they dove into the adoption process over 6 years ago to #BringChloeHome.
Or when they chose to move to Uganda over 4 years ago to #BringHomeToChloe.

Regardless of the exact amount of time...
we had ALL been anticipating this moment for a VERY . LONG . TIME .

(Pardon my lack of photography expertise and captured moments. 
I was choking down happy tears and making my own rounds to 
grab and hug all of my family in the process;)

The kids were SO excited as they awaited their cousins/friends.

We waited...and waited...and waited...
Apparently it takes a while to herd a bunch of (FIVE) tired girls, a pregnant mama and an 
under caffeinated dad through an airport, ahem...

It was so sweet to see who arrived to show love and support.

Our "Squad" has been through a lot over the years.
And this moment just added another milestone to the list.

Photo Credit: Angela Clodfelter

The Boys:
Josh, Jonathan, Craig and Matt

Cana and her brand new baby cousin Hadley

The Siblings (minus Jacob who was still in Haiti):
Jared, Joy, Jonathan and Josh

I couldn't get enough of Kaliyah and her balloons.

All the older girl cousins.

Heidi and Kelly

Chloe and Alethia
From "best friends" in the babies home from just a few months of age, to cousins.
The emotions of this moment were nearly too much for Alethia to handle.
So much to process and sift through.
But it wasn't long before they were creating their own foundation beyond the
distant memories that have all but disappeared.

Karis and Izzie

The ONE group shot that our friendly volunteer photographer took. 
I was sure there would be at least 8 to choose from by the amount of time that it took 
to get this ONE, ha!

This moment I will not soon forget.

Welcome home Jonathan, Kelly, Cana, Kayil, Chloe, Karis, Kaliyah and baby Via.
It's time to begin a new chapter!

To God be all the Glory.
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