Friday, April 28, 2017

Friday Photos

After 4 days of rain even the weeds looked beautiful!
Most of my days are spent here at this table teaching these little humans the basics of life and learning.
Rainy has officially completed 6th grade English and Science
(And Jude is ALMOST done with Preschool!) 
theColonyShop has been B.U.S.Y. this week creating dog tags, EO blends and Mother's Day gifts!

Our first strawberry was stolen by some critter before we could enjoy it...
but this SECOND one is about to be sectioned off in 7 tiny little tastes for each of us,
as is tradition with the first fruits of each type of food from the garden.
I always try to buy produce with the base still attached (not pre-cut and prepared)
so I can re-grow it in the garden and eat it again!
Celery is a great veggie to regrow.

Tea Time break with my homeschool kids
Our blueberries are ALMOST ready!
I promised Jude that he could make his infamous Strawberry Taperine today.
It did NOT disappoint!
Rain droplets (on the garden chives), oh how I love them.

A batch of Nonnie's homemade hot chocolate mix was a MUST after these cold rainy days
I told you theColonyShop had been busy this week.
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