Friday, April 21, 2017

Friday Photos

Walking sticks have been all the rage this week at the Colony Casa.
They each have their own to fight off the hawks that come down to swoop the chickies.
And use them as light sabers or swords on the side to fight off the bad guys from Lord of the Rings.

I love hand picked flowers from my littles

This is my view EVERY night!

Doing a little research outside with the chickies

Rainy's science lesson this week was about electricity

This photo is two-fold...Alethia used to be terrified TERRIFIED of all things animal.
Even our first set of chickies.  Now you'll see her cuddling and playing with them!
Also, our cute little chickies are in that awkward not-so-cute tween stage, ha!

the kids made a "family tree"
Another one of Zeke's amazing inventions: an outdoor shower to rinse off the sweat from a hot day!
It's a little hard to see, but he connected the hose and rigged it to hang over the ledge for the perfect shower.

We ate our first salad from the garden this week!
Why does it taste so much better if we grow it on our own?!

Blackberry blossom

The girls have resurrected their crocheting skills from Nonnie

I walked in my bedroom the other day to see some pretty sick beats that Jude was charting

Outside, games, and playing into the sunset have been the nightly routine this week

Poor, poor Gimley.  He has a broken (we think) leg and it is SO sad to watch!
We are going to figure out how to splint his leg today (because apparently that is a thing you do for broken chicken legs).
This week his new name has been Gimpley.
Having a crippled chickie has been really hard on Rainy:(

We played for SEBTS chapel again this week.
I love seeing these two bookends to our family hand-in-hand together as we live life during school hours.
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