Saturday, January 7, 2017

Story In Pictures - Snowmageddon 2017

After Jude's snow in the shirt incident, ha!

We began our adventure with the prep for the storm.
We walked the trails of Rolesville Park with Jude's wagon to get some firewood.

And waited for the snow to begin.
We all know that NC doesn't always get their weather predictions right,
so we tried to keep realistic expectations, while still holding out hope for the best.

We woke up to a thick layer of ice and some flurrying,
but it later turned into a day of snow and fun!

Freezing Chickens

Mouth full of snow

My sexy bearded man

snow angels

because snow down the shirt is no fun

throwing snowballs (I use that term loosely, ha!)


Ice Sledding

Frozen trampoline

I got to have a little fun with my camera, which seems like a rare occasion lately.

We took breaks for hot chocolate...


My view from my chair as I read and watched the snow fall.
...worked a little to get ready for Journey's online Sunday services...

...and snowcream!

The Aftermath

Now it's time to get our chili and cornbread on the table that's been cooking all day!
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