Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Pane Inflicted Pain

It was time to take Christmas down.
I LOVE the cozy feelings that Christmas decorating promotes.

But as SOON as Christmas is over I begin getting antsy to put it all away 
and get on with he New Year,
packed full of new inspirations...
motivated by organization and cleanliness of course.

So as SOON as New Year passed I decided it was time.
I waited until Rainy and Josh were occupied
(my two most nostalgic Colony members)
and started "un-Christmasing" the Colony home.

Well, all those things are fine and dandy,
until you have a cute Colony kid contently playing with Legos 
on the fireplace stone ledge right under the 14 lb window pane 
that you are maneuvering around on the mantle to get the decorations cleaned up...

My head kept telling me to move Cai to another spot to play until I finished that area,
but my mama heart saw a boy playing so sweet and quietly by himself.
And we all know how hard it is to interrupt a kid playing sweet and quietly.
Especially with a city of Lego creations that will have to be relocated.

So I ignored my head and followed my heart,
and a split second later the window pane came crashing down on top of Cai's head!

He screamed.
I froze.
He grabbed the top of his head.
I knelt to console.

The blood. 
The other scared kids.
Did I mention the blood?!

The dad who was working away in the back bedroom (and by God's grace not away at work)
heard the commotion and ran to the scene.
Typically my sweet Josh passes out at the sight of these types of things (bless his heart),
but this evening we reversed rolls.

He took Cai straight to the ER.
It was then that the first prayer was answered "yes".
They were placed in a room almost immediately.

Then the second prayer was answered "yes".
They didn't have to shave his head AT ALL!
(In fact, his hair helped in the staple removal a week later!)

This boy may be small in stature but he is my dare devil and beasted those 5 staples!
The doctors said that other kids have kicked and cursed and hit...
but Cai was so sweet and patient and took it like a champ.

A week later we found ourselves in the pediatrician's office
with a room full of cheerleaders and helpers.
He was pretty fearful of the staple removal,
but after the first one, he realized that it didn't hurt at all!

I mean, just look at that face.

We know it could have been SO much worse and are so, so grateful.

What a way to start the year!

***No window panes were harmed during this episode.  
And no glass was even broken!***

******It IS, however, in the attic, safely placed away for use...
in ANOTHER, safer location, of course.******

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