Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Game Called Ketchup

In soccer we played a game called ketchup.  I'm pretty sure that it should be spelled "Catch up", because the whole goal of the game was to catch up to the person in front of you, but whatever.

Here is how you play.

Everyone would line up at one corner of the field.
One person would start jogging the length of the first side of the field.
As soon as they turn the corner they would sprint the shorter width of the field until they would round the corner to the other longer length of the field and begin jogging again and end in a sprint as they rounded the last corner.

As soon as they turned the first corner for the sprint the next person in line behind them would begin jogging that first line and so the line would just keep going.

But here's the catch of the game, the people behind you had a chance to "catch up" with you.  If they caught you they could be done after their first round of the field.  If you got caught up with you had to do another round until you could make it all the way around without someone catching up with you.

I explain this game because this is kind of what my blog will be looking like over the next several posts.  I feel like my blog is still in November of 2015 but I am personally here in the first week of January 2016.

I have a lot of catching up to do.
So much has happened.
Some posts will be full of details as I jog down the long lines of the field.
Others are going to be sprinted past because they won't take as much time.

So lace up your cleats and lets go for a run!
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