Friday, January 22, 2016

#MayviaInUG ~ Part 4

~ Make sure to catch up on the story with Part1, Part 2 and Part 3 ~

Not all of Mayvia's adventures were exclusively for adults.  Both "May" and "via" were excited to love on the little natives who belonged to the girl called Kelly and the husband who calls himself Smooth.

The adventures with these girls looked like walking the "neighborhood" and scouting out the beautiful terrain in their home village.

They also got to know each other as we shared meals together (and played on the restaurant playgrounds while we waited for our meals.  America should really jump on board with this whole playgrounds at the fanciest of restaurants, but maybe not the hour or more wait that it takes for your food to come out.)

Especially when the restaurant is "relocating" and they have ripped out the entire backyard...

The girl named Tasha used to frequent this joint.
It was very sad to see it all ripped up, but at least they have rented other property to build again.

Another highlight of Mayvia's adventures was attending the church which the husband who calls himself Smooth helped to birth, called Jinja Town Church.

They worshiped together...

They got to snuggle the newest member of the AAI babies home, Noel...

See old friends...

Tasha, Susan and Heidi
The girl named Tasha actually shared this Susan's hut during her adoption stay.
This is the "kitchen" where the girl named Areyna used to help cook

After church the entourage headed out to eat and Mayvia got yet another glimpse into life in this distant land (called Africa).  Their broken down car is more common than not and the locals always come to help save the day.  Mayvia loved watching how all the people always seem to work together to make life work here in this distant land (called Africa).

Mayvia also witnessed how one is supposed to buy toilet paper (it's much cheaper off the street vendors in Kampala), wait for traffic (you are never guaranteed a non-stop trip without having to wait on cattle crossing the road) and the proper way to build a cancer hospital (it's amazing how these people build with sticks and mud!).

The scenery was enjoyed around every turn,

and Mayvia even took their turns carrying baskets of bananas on their head and sucking (and spitting out) sugar cane.

Then there was the photo taken at the risk of getting arrested.  But I won't mention which of the 3 girlfriends actually ignored the husband called Josh's words to be "safe and wise".

What a wonderful trip Mayvia had down memory lane, and peaking into a small window of the day-to-day life of the girl called Kelly and the husband who calls himself Smooth and their lives here in this distant land (called Africa).

But like all adventures...they cannot last forever, and the goodbye's have to come.  But not until after Mayvia witnessed Christmas caroling, Uganda style...

...and making the trek back to the carriage drop-off (which will now be referred to the airport again).

The hellos were coming to an end and the goodbyes were quickly approaching.

{TO BE CONTINUED...(one more time)}
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