Wednesday, January 20, 2016

#MayviaInUG ~ Part 1

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, were 3 girlfriends whom we will call Kelly, Heidi and Tasha.

The one we call Kelly had to move to a distant land (that term is fancy for what we like to call Africa) with her family to raise her children for a time while the other two stayed in their own native land to raise their own native children.

The friend we call Kelly, who moved far away, had done exceedingly well adjusting to life in this foreign country, but was in dire need of some companionship and encouragement.  So her husband called the other husbands and devised a plan.

The husbands brought their grand scheme to the ones we call Heidi and Tasha and they got to work.  They searched far and wide to find the perfect mode of transportation (this is what we like to refer to as - the cheapest plane tickets they could find) to this distant land (we call Africa) where the one we call Kelly lived.

After their far and wide search they found the resources they needed to get to the one we call Kelly.
But it was nearly TWO MONTHS AWAY.

So the ones we call Heidi and Tasha stored up these things in their hearts and told no one of their great adventure.  They didn't even mention the words with each other, in fear that the surprise would be more than they could handle and wind would get to the one we call Kelly, and the surprise would not be.

But after some time (let's just say it was several weeks) some encouragement (some would refer to it as, ahem, badgering) from the husbands made the trip a little more real and the girls thought it was time to begin checking the legal paperwork (a thing we call a passport) and all other important things one needs to take care of while taking a journey to this particular distant land (called Africa).  All while making as little mention of the task at hand as possible.

And then, all of a sudden, the time came for them to pack their bags and mentally prepare for the journey ahead (we like to call this - the night before the flight, after the family gathering at church called Jingle Jam.  We also like to call this procrastination due to fear of excitement overload!).

The girls we call Heidi and Tasha, told only their closest of kin (the other girlfriends were like, "what the $@%$?!".  You're leaving like, TOMORROW?!  As Heidi and Tasha apologized profusely for keeping such a nasty little secret.)  before boarding the carriage (er, uh, the plane) to the distant land (called Africa).

After saying their farewells, and given strict instructions to be "wise and smart" (thank you loving husband I call Josh) as we weave in and out of transportation venues (we like to call these international terminals.  Places of which Heidi and Tasha had never ventured on their own, and the husbands clearly did not believe they were ever going to make it to their destination, ha!), they boarded the carriage (we still call it an airplane) and began their cross-country journey to the friend they call Kelly, to the distant land (we call Africa).

They wanted to document their adventure but had limited means to do so (we like to call this - selfies for days because we had been given strict instructions to be "safe and wise" and, hello, asking a stranger to take your photo doesn't seem very "safe and wise".  There may or may not have also been some silly videos where we are whispering into the camera for fear that our dearest Kelly would hear us ALL THE WAY IN AFRICA?! But whatever.  Don't judge!  The suspense was almost more than we could handle, and we like to blame our lapse in common sense as part of that!)

Meanwhile, in the distant land (we call Africa) where the girl we call Kelly resided, her husband was creating his own plan to get her to the carriage pick up (also called an airport).  He cleverly blended the last names of the girls called Heidi and Tasha, which are Mayhugh and Via and began referring to  them as "Mayvia", a female, Asian missionary coming to help out the ministry over the holidays.

So, the girl we call Kelly, reluctantly accompanied her husband (who calls himself Smooth) so they could go pick up this Asian woman the girl we call Kelly thought was called Mayvia.

The girls we call Heidi and Tasha finally landed without a hitch, but the anticipation was practically more than they could bare.

"What will the girl we call Kelly do when she sees us?", they thought as they waited in line to finalize their entry documentation (we call this an entry VISA.  It is a line you are supposed to stand very quietly in so that you can prove that you mean no harm to the residents of the country you are wanting to enter.  But the giddiness completely took over and the smiles were no longer able to be disguised.)
you are also NOT supposed to take photos in the airport
(this part may not have been so smart and wise;)

The girls we call Heidi and Tasha had finally ARRIVED!

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