Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Story In Pictures: The most PERFECTLY imPERFECT Chicken Coop

 I have one incredible husband

After a few escape episodes in the kitchen from the box they called home, 
he knew the ladies needed a home and fast.

So I began searching around on Pinterest for some ideas.

I told him what I a chicken "needed" in terms of a happy home and he got right to work.

We immediately began pulling every scrap piece of wood and material we could find
that we had in the shed, around the yard, and in my shop.

He started with my old desk from the ColonyShop.
 He then added some nesting boxes
a handful of helpers
and dozens of extra nails and holes:)

 He worked on and off for the next 2 weekends
had a paint party with the kids well into the night one evening
(they requested "barn red")

and finished up with some extra shingles we had from our shed

I found an old pallet at a car parts shop to prop up for some extra perching room,
and then added the feed and water pails

And there you have it.
A chicken coop made entirely out of supplies we already had on hand
except for some hardware and the paint!

My new happy place:
between the most perfectly imperfect chicken coop and a slowly growing Colony Garden

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