Thursday, May 21, 2015

Some Things Never Change

Our first morning with Alethia ~ 2011

I remember the very first morning we had with Alethia in Uganda.  She was timid and shy.  I remember rolling over and remembering that I wasn't in America anymore.  Then I remembered to roll over very carefully and quietly so as not to disturb the other 4 members of the family sleeping next to me...wait FIVE members of the family!

We had just added another little human to our clan and she was FINALLY with us!

Uganda doesn't do black out curtains, and there is definitely not a snooze button on the roosters outside or the monkeys looking through the windows, so the fact that the room was bright at 6:30am was no surprise.

I glanced around our small room and saw everyone fast asleep...except my new little 2-year-old bundle.  She was laying quietly across the room on her cot staring at me.  As if waiting for permission to do something.  I looked at her for the longest time and couldn't help but smile, feeling overwhelmed and excited all at the same time.

As soon as the smile reached across my face and lifted into my eyes she hesitantly sat up in her bed and gave me a questioning look.  I could tell she wanted to be close.  I motioned her over to my bed as she made her way across our room.  She snuggled in close, face to face, and just stared at me, melting into my form.  I was around 20 weeks pregnant and couldn't get comfortable but didn't want to move in fear that I would scare off this beautiful little creature who was learning to trust me.

After several moments I slowly rolled onto my back for a new posture and she quickly climbed on top of me, sprawling completely over my belly and chest, as if she couldn't get close enough.

This would be the way we would do mornings EVERY morning...but it didn't take long for her to add a new little groove into our routine.  Shortly after her eyes were awakened by the sunlight she would begin to quietly sing and hum.  Singing is a huge part of the life in the babies home.  They sing when they wake up.  They sing during play.  They sing while they are just hanging out.  I really think this singing is a way to comfort, love and make 50 kids feel secure all at one time.

I used to love pretending like I was still asleep just to listen to her little songs before she would climb into bed with me.  Fast forward 3 1/2 years and I'm still listening to her sing.  She sings while she is coloring.  She sings while she swings.  She sings when she plays by herself...

and she is singing right now as I pretend like it isn't 8am and time to get the Colony up for school.

Her sweet, early morning songs will always bring me back to those mornings in Africa as we learned to love each other.  As we learned what made her feel secure.  As we tried to prove that we were never going to leave her.

I hope she always sings.
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