Tuesday, February 3, 2015

To The Mom Of The Anxious Child

We, as moms have a very important job.

We are to train up a child in the way he should go.

That means that we love our children through the mess of life and help teach them how to make the wisest choices in the season they have been placed in.

Sometimes that season is an overflow of others circumstances and consequences.
Sometimes it is a season they have placed themselves in.

For the sensitive child, sometimes these seasons come with unprecedented anxiety because of their circumstances and even for NO apparent reason at all.

Regardless of the reason for the anxiety, it can be paralyzing and cause your child to act irrational and make poor choices.

And regardless of what kind of mother you are you will be made vulnerable to the lies that it is somehow YOUR fault.

Your fault for the anxiety tormenting your child.
Your fault for the mess your child seems to be surrounded with.

But I'm here to tell you...
I'm here to tell ME...

We are NOT to blame.

Blame this sinful world.
Blame the sinful choices.
Blame the devil himself.

But don't blame yourself.

Instead turn to the God who carries the hope for us to get through it.

God has promised to love us THROUGH it.
No matter what.

We are all children of God and we cannot be slaves to the fear and shame that comes with blame.

*inspired by Bethel Worship's song "No Longer Slaves
after a day of tormenting anxiety for my son Zeke
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