Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Just Rolling With The Tide

I've had a rather "different" past couple of days.

A little sickness.
A lot of drama with a certain little boy who will remain nameless (Zeke).
And a lot of unfocused"ness" in my brain.

Today I am working on gathering myself back together after a weird 3 days.

I got the sheets washed but they need to be put back on my bed.
I dishwasher is finished washing the dishes but they need to be put away.
Dinner is thawed but it has to be prepped before the kids get home from school.

I did get groceries so my children can eat a better breakfast than...well, we don't have to get into what we've been eating the last couple of days, ha!

I can't seem to stay focused on anything.
So I've done a lot of sitting and resting
more listening to the new Bethel Music album
and even more procrastinating the inevitable household duties looming over my head.

At least we have groceries...I just need to put them away now, ha!

And we can always just lay down a blanket on the bed to sleep on.
The dishes are safe in the dishwasher
And God made pizza delivery for a reason, right?!

Maybe tomorrow will be a little more productive.

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