Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Shop ~ my OTHER job "outside" the home

We have this little room outside under the carport.
It houses the water heater, electrical switch boxes and dryer vent.
When we first moved in it also housed
random home fixtures, a broken freezer, a jammed filing cabinet and rusty tools.

Over the years we have slowly been cleaning it out and making it more "purposeful".

Last year, after opening up theColonyShop,
certain Colony members began to complain about the noise.
Like hammering metal in the kitchen on the floor isn't a "normal" occurrence or something.

Shortly after the complaints started coming in, the Colony leader 
requested I take my business elsewhere;)

As if creating fun spaces in my home isn't fun for me, ha!
I cleared out a spot in this little "gem" of a place and have slowly made it my own.

Welcome to theColonyShop, friends!

Areyna got a sewing machine for Christmas and theColonyShop creators
graciously let her set up her own special work place.

I found an old hanging planter that houses her fabric scraps

The abundance of storage allows us to keep all of our craft supplies in one place!

It's certainly not perfect, but I LOVE the incompleteness and imperfections.

gems, jewels, and measuring sticks

I spray painted a tray table gray (of course I did)
This old director chair was in my parents barn.
I brought it home, cleaned it up, recovered it and painted it
and now it makes the perfect chair for the shop.

It's one of my happy places, 
and if you ever stop by and can't find me, I'm pretty sure this is where I'll be.
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