Monday, February 9, 2015

...and then he was three

I know, I know...cherish these years, babies don't keep, swiftly fly the years...we've all heard it a million times over.  I'VE heard it a million times over.

I get it.

I really do.

But it still doesn't seem to change anything.

I cherish those sweet little years.
I watch the years swiftly fly by.
I soak in the snuggles.
I drink in the sweet smell.

But here he is...3 years old today.

Our Jude Warren came into this world with a struggle and a fight.
He went through his first 2 years with ease.
(he was the most easy going child, going with the flow of the crazy Colony life around him and picking up his own rhythm in spite of the chaos.)
And then he gained a voice and an opinion.

He prefers Superman
Strongly advises against any kind of clothing that makes him warm (like socks, shoes, coats/jackets)
He prefers all kinds of foods that upset his tummy, likes sweets and milk products
and would rather throw a toy than play with it
Ya-ya (Alethia) is his comforter
Rainy is his voice of reason
Cai is his buddy
and Zeke is his examply (for better or worse;)

He is the perfect bookend for this Colony and I simply cannot imagine life without him and his cute little scratchy voice.

He is the sweetest, cutest bully I ever did meet!

He loves to get Siri to call Josh's co-worker Matt on a daily basis
He loves to wrestle
He loves to be rough
He loves cuddly animals (from a distance)
He loves to read (his current favorites are "The Remarkable Farkle McBride" and "Pinkalicious")
He loves to take toys away from his friends
He loves to eat his daddy's food
He loves to "cookie balls" (recipe to come soon, I promise!)
He loves his buddies Evan, Ben, Zoe, Monzie, Isaac, Si-si, among others
He loves anything technology

I love his lispy vocabulary
I love his cuddles
I love his random "I luh you's"
I love his passion
I love his predictability
I love his squeezes
I love his love for music

I know his strong personality will eventually be something that God will use in a great way
I know this boy inside and out
and can only pray that He longs for a relationship with the Heavenly Father that knit him together

scratches on his face and mascara attempts = every day with Jude
Sweet, sweet Jude,
You are 3 today.  I can hardly believe it.  I love you so much it hurts sometimes.  I hope you will always remember whose child you are!
Happy birthday Ju-Ju Bean!
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