Monday, January 26, 2015

Not Me Monday ~ School Schmool

Remember that day last week?

Yeah, the one after MLK.

Yup, it was a Tuesday.  The Tuesday AFTER the holiday off of school.

The Colony calendar had a teacher work day marked on that Tuesday.

Which means it's a freebie day!  NO SCHOOL!  Woohoo!!!

It was the day we woke up with a huge plan, and a gorgeous forecast in our favor.

We went over to our friends house in the woods and you all played in the cold creek under the sunshine the entire day as I helped her work on the interior of her home.

You had so much fun using your imaginations and eating picnics and getting so dirty that I still can't get your clothes clean and your shoes finally dried out YESTERDAY!

Then, we came home to put Jude down for a nap and he slept that GREAT nap after running around outside all day.  And as soon as we got home to put Jude in bed the rest of you went out and played even more.  Taking snacks in your secret outdoor forts and playing until the sun went down.

Remember that wonderful day?

And then I had the best.shower.ever!  Cleaning off all the paint and grime from working so hard on my friends house.  Ahhh...

And then I hopped out of the shower, feeling so accomplished, and motivated, and happy, and joyful after such a fun day.


But for some reason, when I checked my phone I had 4 messages from the school attendance office saying that "Ezekiel, Areyna, Alethia and Cai have been marked absent from school today."


Wait a minute....

That means this mama missed something...

...something like SCHOOL!

No way, NOT this mama, NOT ME!

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