Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Gift Bigger Than The Perfect Gift

I can be such a slow learner sometimes.

I've been a mom for almost 10 years.
That's almost a decade of learning how to be affectionate, patient, creative, balanced in discipline...

But I still miss it.
A lot.

And apparently us parents never really master it.
It's something that will continually be cultivated over time.
I get that.

But I love those moments when God allows us to get glimpses of the big picture.

I got a tiny glimpse when I got the idea to make our bucket list of things to keep us occupied over our winter track-out.

But last night I got more than a glimpse!  I got a wide-open-door look into what my role as a mommy is.  I got to just stop and stare.  I got to see what the long-lasting effects could be.

I had been reminded, on Pinterest of course, of these yarn dolls that I used to make when I was a kid.  I thought that a family of these little cuties would make the perfect gift for Alethia this Christmas!  I went out and picked the yarn for a family of 7 colorful people and couldn't wait to get to work.

Josh had a late-night rehearsal and I was all caught up in the ColonyShop.  It was the perfect time to make Alethia's gift.  It didn't take long for my hands to remember how to fold the strings and tie the pieces together.

I REMEMBERED making these dolls.
Sweet memories.
Alethia is going to LOVE these.
I bet she'll want to make some too!

I got about half-way through with the daddy before I realized that she could enjoy this more than I had thought.  I finished the daddy and the mommy so she would see what a boy and girl yard doll would look like, and intentionally left the rest of her gift unmade.

Because SHE would have fun making them.
With me!
Just like I remember my mom showing me how to make them.
It will MAKE ME stop what I am doing and spend time with her.
And that is even MORE of a gift that a ball of yarn resulting in a cute little dolly.

So often I feel like I need to keep the kids occupied and out of my hair when they are tracked out or home all day.  But this time I'm actually going to try to spend the time WITH them.  The other things will just need to wait.

I'm a work in progress.
Then again, aren't we all.
Kids, moms, dads, wives, husbands, teachers, SAHM, working moms...we are ALL a work in progress.

Imperfect progress.
We just have to be willing to make those steps that keep us moving forward.
And in my case, it is one unfinished Christmas gift at a time this year.
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