Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Day The Butter ALMOST Won

Last week I went to Costco to get my monthly stock pile (Thank you, Heidi!  Our lives will never be the same:).

I was doing well working through my list, until I got to the butter.

I saw a great price on sticks of butter.
I placed the package in my cart, as one typically does with an item they want to purchase.
Then I walked away, as one typically does when they have made their final decision on a product.
Only to get two steps away from said, perfect purchase option before seeing the organic grass fed option.

I quickly grab the before-mentioned butter and place it back in its refrigerated place and replace it with the better butter, as one typically does when finding a better option.
Only to see the price difference, as one typically does when finding that better option.

I frown at the price but justify the purchase.
No farther than two steps past the butter section my conscious gets the better of me.

I race back to the butter and put the organic butter back and confidently get the regular butter and matter-of-factly return it back to its rightful place in my cart.

But wait, all the other "stuff" in this butter.
The other butter is BETTER.
More nutrients.
More real ingredients.

I annoyingly take it back out of my cart and put it away.
Walk two steps to my right and get the organic back out.
No, I stare at it with the refrigerator door wide open.

By this time I have made quite the scene.

The manic woman dodging back and forth in the butter aisle may need some assistance!

I literally began to panic.
How in the world am I supposed to feed this Colony well, on the budget we have.
I KNOW what our bodies need.
I KNOW how some of these ingredients affects a couple of the high-strung Colony kids.
How in the world am I supposed to do this?!
Why does putting good, healthy food on the table have to be so difficult?

I am on the verge of tears (and I have already stripped myself of my scarf and jacket from the profuse panic-induced sweat that I am in) and called Josh.

"Baby, what am I supposed to do?  I have, HAD, regular butter in the cart, but then I saw the organic butter, but it's nearly $4 more for the same amount.  What the *&$% am I supposed to buy?!"

By this time I'm sure he is mentally going through the steps to get me admitted into the psyche ward upon my safe arrival back home, but instead he just told me that he trusted my judgement, believed that I had a good handle on what our family needs and that buying the regular butter would be just fine this month.

After hanging up with my super-sweet and sensitive husband (thanks for hanging in there with me when the butter got the best of me, baby), I stood between the two butters eyeing them and literally prayed for the peace of mind I needed to buy the right butter.

As ridiculous as that sounds, I don't believe God sat up in heaven and rolled his eyes at me.  He may have chuckled at the show I put on for the dozens of passersby that saw my little "melt" down (did you see what I did there, ha!), but he cares about our little stuff.

He also knows that I take my job as food supplier and financial budget keeper seriously.  He knows what our kids need and what our bodies can handle.  He knows this battle trying to eat healthy in America on a budget with a large family.

He knows it all.
And He smiles when we ask him to help us walk through it.

So, if you are confused or burdened, if you can't decide on which road to take or job to say yes to, or maybe you just need to be confident in the butter you choose for you family...

He is happy to walk that road with us.
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