Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Another Transformation (of the dresser to trunk variety)

This used to be the boys dresser.
Actually when it was given to us by our friends it was 
the yellow(ish) color on the bottom of the dresser feet.
(I'm not very good at keeping things their original color...)

But over time 
(and quite possibly a result of the frequency of rearrangements it had endured, ahem)
the drawers began to break.

In this pictures you can see that the bottom drawer had broken 
so we used that space to place baskets with board games

It served its purpose well until yet another drawer broke.
We ended up moving it back into the boys room and used the top two drawers for Jude's clothes.
The bottom half was turned into a reading nook with pillows and books.

But then the boys room was feeling a little cramped.
The other boys clothes were moved into their closet.

So the only items I needed to find a home for were the boys costumes.
That is pretty much their only toy in their room.

I mentally created a plan and with a little help from the hubs
we transformed this beautiful dresser into a trunk for the boy's costumes.

My next project: trying to figure out how I can make my couch into a pull-out sofa!
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