Friday, October 31, 2014

The COLONY "Buy-Back" Program

There's something about this time of year that turns my sweet, loving children into these scary creatures.

It's that darn candy!

I'm not exaggerating.

They turn into drooling, selfish, whiny, argumentative, greedy, tantrum-throwing little monsters who won't give in until every last candy wrapper has been licked clean.

(not to mention the effects it does to a certain one's emotional state!)

So, naturally I have to lay down some rules for the mayhem that ensues this very evening of every year.

Usually we let them eat along the way, but as soon as we get home we put it all in a "family bucket" and throw it away a week later, no matter how much is left.  But this still means that our family has the looming presence of the "family bucket" which means we must ask mommy (then daddy) every 10 minutes for another piece of candy until mommy gets so fed up that she ends up throwing it away.

But this year...
this year is going to different.

I was talking to my chiropractor about this "problem" and he told me that he took an idea from his neighboring dentist down the hallway and buys back his kid's candy.


So last night I approached my kids with the idea and told them that they could eat candy to their hearts content ALL NIGHT LONG while we are out.  Then when we get home they get to pick out their 3 favorite pieces to eat over the weekend.

And for each of their buckets of candy I would give them $3 (Minus Jude.  I get a by for him for at least another year, ha!)

I think I can make it through the night now, knowing that for just $12 I will have my sweet children back by morning:)

Happy trick-or-treating ya'll!
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