Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Begin The Day With Grace

Just when we think we've got it, it's under control, it is FINALLY done...that's when it sneaks up and slaps us in the face again.

I'm learning over and over again that it is a daily surrender to complete forgiveness.

It never really goes away.  We can completely and wholeheartedly forgive someone one day and then get slammed with the same bitterness and resentfulness that got us in the unforgiving mess to begin with.

When we get brought back to this place it becomes really easy to find that mental list again.

the list we secretly hold onto
the list we're afraid to let go of
the list that gives us the false feeling of control

the list of all the things done wrong to us
the list of all the things that make us so angry
so hurt
so irrational

this list helps us rationalize our anger and makes us feel like we deserve to feel this way and hold onto that unforgiveness

but we were commanded to let that go
to give it up
it is the Lord's to sift through

because in reality, we have a long list of our own mess that we have created by foolish choices and sin
WE have been forgiven
OUR SLATE has been wiped clean

We are to offer grace and forgiveness because WE have been offered grace and forgiveness.

It isn't easy but it IS obedient.

Let's begin each day with a clean slate
real love, TRUE love, keeps no record of wrongs
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