Monday, September 8, 2014

The Day Rainy Found Out That Adults Have DRAMA Too

The other day I overheard a conversation between Alethia, Rainy and Zeke in the kitchen.  I'm not sure what the circumstance was but I heard Rainy give a little pep talk to Alethia and then Zeke inquiring about the details.  Rainy just turned to Zeke and flippantly replied; "Oh, it's just little girl drama".

As I was returning some dishes to the kitchen I made a quick reference to the fact that "little girl drama" was just as important as "big girl drama".  I was then quick to add that it was also just as important as adult drama.

Now THAT statement stopped Rainy in her tracks.

"Big people have drama too?!"
She asked this question with a sense of dread in her voice.
Like she had just realized that she was going to have to work at this conflict between friends thing for the rest of her life.

"Yup.  Unfortunately adults have drama too.  Drama with friends, just like you do.  Drama with family, just like you do.  It is just over different stuff."

I went on to explain that she will get older and figure out healthier ways to get through confrontations and hurt feelings, and that God is always the guide through it if she will allow it, but that drama is just something that is inevitable.

As she began to process this information internally, I began thinking about how hard relationships really are.

Living life openly with other people is certainly not for the light hearted.
Life  gets messy and feelings get hurt and circumstances get blown out of proportion and things are said and acts are committed and words are taken out of context and people, yes adults, begin casting blame and pointing fingers and wanting to give up on relationships, because they are feeling too vulnerable to face the situation head on.

Don't give up on those relationships that God is nudging you to mend.  Even through the mess and the sweat and the hurt...God can make it beautiful again.

We were not created to do life alone.

I'm pretty sure Rainy walked away from that conversation with new insight, but a little more leery of the adult world just around the corner.  I don't ever want to paint an unrealistic expectation of life for our kids, but I do always want to include the HOPE that God has to offer through the hardships we are sure to endure.
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