Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday Five

Band: Radiohead

Song Title: Little By Little

Timer set on 5 min.


It's 10am and I've already been up to the kids school 3 times.  The teachers in the hallway joke around about getting me my own badge so I can come and go as needed without having to waste their "visitor" stickers and having to constantly sign in and out!

The first visit began at 7:45am for Rainy's teacher conference.  She is doing EXCELLENT!  So good to hear.  In fact, my conference lasted all of 9 min, ha!  I'm used to Zeke's teachers needed to allow 3X's the allotted conference time for his evaluation:)  Although, Zeke's conference was so very encouraging earlier this week as well.  Two more conferences on Monday and I get to track myself out of Sanford creek for 3 lovely weeks!

After my morning conference I came home, did the breakfast thing with the kids and then loaded them up and took them to school.

The last stop was for Zeke's "Writing Celebration".  He had been planning on his friend joining us his parents wouldn't be able to make it.  How sweet is he?!  We actually ended up having 3 extras in our group.  One girl wrote about the first tooth she lost and get this, her mom gave her $10 for losing her tooth!  That's not even inflation, that's CRAZY!  I'm sticking with $.25 a tooth.  We have a cheap tooth fairy;)

Rainy is a sleep walker.  It is quite comical to hear her wandering around in the middle of the night in the dark.  Even if nobody hears her, there is always evidence.  This morning the kids bathroom had undies and jammy pants strewn on the floor and she woke up with a living room throw blanket and different jammies on, heehee.

I can't wait for...

Timer off.

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