Monday, June 16, 2014

Not Me Monday ~ On Friday (I Am IN The Hunger Games)

I did NOT just read an entire book in one week.

Nope, not me.

But if I were to actually read an entire book in one week it would most definitely be a be-a-better-mommy book, or be-a-better-wife book, or be-a-better-me book, or at least a be-a-better-Christian book...

NEVER a science fiction book that doesn't do a thing for my character, much less add to my continuing desire to find more hours in my day

because if I did read a book like (the first book in The Hunger Games series) that I may get so engulfed in the plot and with the characters that I literally cannot get through my days without thinking about it.

I would probably fall asleep thinking about a strategy for being found under the covers

or when a bug bites me outside I would compare it to the tracker jacker bites described within those pages

or if I watch a movie of a man drinking from a pond I would mentally go through the water purification steps

and most definitely compare any Colony ailments to the ones from my competitors in the games.

and ain't nobody got time for that!


but if that were to be the case you might as well go ahead and get out that second one and knock that book out too!
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