Tuesday, June 17, 2014

It's All About The Presentation

One of the battles I choose not to fight is the food battle.

I don't sit at the table and make my kids force every bite down from their plates.  I know some parents who do and that's fine, but that is just not one mountain I'm willing to die on.

('cause ain't nobody got time for that!)

But I have a little trick.
In order to keep my kids eating healthy I have to limit the purchase of all the other things that I don't necessarily want them to consume.

I mean, if it's not around, then there can't be a battle about it, right?

So I offer a variety of healthy options at each meal that I think gives them plenty to choose from to fill up their bellies (for at LEAST 20 minutes or so;).  We've got the PBJ, cheese sticks, yogurt, granola, fruits and veggies galor, pretzels, nuts, dried fruits...things like that, all with complimentary dips and sauces.

But even then I'll notice that the carrot sticks or sliced cucumbers are the last to leave the plates sometimes, and often with a quick reminder to eat those before putting their plates in the sinks.

This Colony, though, is ALWAYS asking for food.
It NEVER ends!

So I started placing this pretty brown bowl (made by my Aunt JoAnn, which I LOVE, BTW!) on the counter and filling it with things that I didn't mind them munching on throughout the day.  I'll place a cluster of grapes, or a handful of almonds, carrots or peppers.  Often times the things that I know won't last much longer than 24 more hours in the frig, and surprisingly the bowl is empty by dinner time every evening.

The same carrots I meticulously sliced and placed next to the mound of humus for lunch, that sat until the gentle reminder, are placed in that bowl and consumed within a few hours.


The slices of red pepper that are about to go bad...GONE.

The grapes...completely disappear.

So maybe, instead of battling out the wills, dress it up a little and leave it on the table to munch on throughout the day.

If they are hungry enough they will eat it.

It gives them a feeling of control, which eliminates that need to argue about the food, all while getting some major nutrients they need.

It's a WIN for everyone!
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