Friday, May 2, 2014

Take 5

Band: Hammock

Song Title: My Mind Was A Fog...My Heart Became A Bomb

Robbie Robot set for 5 min.


It's FRIDAY!  Which means that daddy gets to stay home!  Which means that we get to tag-team Jude, which means I can breathe a little bit today, woohoo!

I went to an informational meeting for Alethia and Cai yesterday and met their Kindergarten teachers...the principal asked if any of the parents needed any tissues because it was so emotional...I kinda wanted to pass out party whistles and hats.  It's emotional, sure, but I'm so excited for them!  AND I'm excited about having 1 Colony member to keep up with during the day;)

I have decided that I get to calculate extra calories on MyFitnessPal when I have to keep up with discipline issues WHILE doing my Insanity workouts...THAT, my friends, is no joke, ha!

7-10. That's the number of tank tops that I go through on average a week!  I don't know where I would be in this world without my Mossimo, extra long tank tops from Target.  They were on sale at Target for $6 the other day and I had to bounce my eyes and keep walking...

It is gorgeous outside today.  After a week of stormy weather, this is the perfect end to the week.  Rainy and Zeke have field day today

Timer off.

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