Tuesday, May 6, 2014

five - two =

Josh had a gig in VA this week
which just so happened to be with his dad
who just so happens to be married to Meme
who just so happens to love her grandkids

So Josh just so happened to take the two homeschooled-on-their-own-schedule-and-really-only-have-one-more-day-of-school kids with him to be loved on by their Meme and Poppie for the week so I could hold the fort down around here with my other two public-schooled-sad-that-they-missed-meme-and-poppie-but-they-can't-miss-school kids and the lone into-everything-needs-consistency-not-to-mention-Alethia-and-Cai-needed-a-little-break-from-him-two-year-old.

So I sent them on their way Sunday afternoon and now I'm left with...

a clean house - oh my goodness, my house has been clean for more than 10 minutes at a time!

2 completed projects - actually 3! Grocery shopping is DONE AND I have completed Alethia's "baby" scrapbook from top to bottom AND finished painting/fixing up the kid's bathroom:)  I'd forgotten how productive the time during naps can be!

only 1-3 meals to fix at a time - while Rainy and Zeke are at school it's just me and Jude.  It is SO weird to only pull 1 plate from the cabinet to put food on

1 kid in a grocery cart - no stragglers, no kids begging to push the kiddie carts into my heals behind me, nobody to wrangle around the rest of the shoppers or stuff food around in the big part of the cart

1 Jude who keeps asking for Cai, Ya-Ya (Alethia), Daddy

1 Zeke who wanders aimlessly trying to figure out what to do with himself without his sidekick, repeatedly saying he wished it was the day they were coming home

1 Rainy who, I can tell is enjoying a calmer atmosphere, but desperately wants her sister to spy with

3 kids who HAVE to sleep together

1 mama who is basking in this glorious time, but is ready to have my messy, loud house back:)
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