Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Mmmm... ~ French Toast

I haven't done one of my "minimalist meals for many mouths" posts in a while.

Quick recap: these are shared to inspire families of all shapes and sizes, but mostly the small colonies like our own.  Frugal, healthy(ish), quick meals that can fill even the most stubborn of bellies, with the emphasis on quick, easy and FILLING!

French Toast and Bacon

our kids alone eat an entire pack of bacon
(but if I fixed 3 packs I have no doubt that it would be completely consumed as well)
This is a special treat, and any kind can be used.

the french toast idea was given to us by another large family
(thanks Mayhugh's)

we easily go through a loaf and a half of bread for our entire family.
It's whole grain and has no high fructose corn syrup, so there's that, ha!
We soak the bread slices in whisked eggs
(at LEAST a dozen is needed for our family)

spray a skillet or wok with cooking spray
(I make my own blend of olive oil and water, so we aren't cooking propane into our food)

sprinkle cinnamon/sugar on the toast while it cooks

slice into pieces with a pizza cutter

this has quickly become a new favorite among the Colony kids.

(PS-Mom, please note the placement of the blender. 
No more climbing into a cabinet to wrestle this bad boy out;)
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