Wednesday, January 29, 2014

So, I Started A Business...

During the Christmas season I was searching on Pinterest for a fun, cheap, creative gift to give my closest girlfriends and came across this link.

I thought, "This is perfect!"

I thought about each of my friends and the things they had dealt with during their past year and tried to find a word or short phrase that could capture that.  Then I added their name to personalize it even more.

After a little encouragement and motivation to sell them I decided to open up an Etsy shop, called the Colony Shop.  I'm still really new to the whole selling on Etsy thing, but I'm trying to make my shop a little easier to navigate, but for now you can just place your order and write your description on the comment section so I know what you would like on your necklace(s).

I made 13 necklaces in my first week of business!  I absolutely LOVE making these necklaces:)

You can order a necklace for so many different memories and/or occasions!

Life resolutions

"Class of 2014" graduation gifts

"Baseball Mom" with the baseball number on it

Valentines day gifts

I made one for the Shelly Moore Band.

Favorite scripture reference

Half marathon

Mother's necklaces with kids names and birthdays

The chains are approximately 32" long and come in silver bronze.

They are $10 and then $3 for shipping.
If your necklace requires a specific charm (like the baseball or anchor charm) it will be $2 extra.

If you want to place an order, just go to

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