Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Added Attention and Multi Calm ~ vitamins for the ADHD and the anxious

Many of you have asked what vitamins we use for Zeke.

He has ADHD and anxiety and we weren't anywhere near ready to go down the medication route with him yet.

My friend mentioned that she gives her daughter these vitamins and that they really seemed to help her, so I thought they were worth a try.

And boy are they ever!

Every morning Zeke takes these two supplements and I swear we can tell a difference when we've neglected to get them in!

Since we have started these he hasn't had 1 day where his teacher writes home about him being distracted or needing reminders to focus and concentrate.  He is much less dramatic and much more "calm" (if that word even exists in Zeke's dictionary;).  He processes things quicker and with much easier and is can rationalize through a thought much more fluently.

I read the reviews and many spoke very highly about the effects these supplements had on their kids, but there were also just as many reviews about how they couldn't tell a bit of difference.  I believe that if your child's chemical makeup is lacking these essential vitamins then this supplement is going to be exactly what they need.  I'm guessing those other children had some other issues that just need some other intervention, whether it is different vitamins or other medical help.

Anyway, these supplements have MY stamp of approval!

The first one is Natural Vitality Kids Calm Multi.  I first got it at whole foods, but found it cheaper on Amazon.  It is a liquid that he takes every morning with breakfast.

The second one is Buried Treasure Added Attention.  Again, I got this at Whole foods but have found it cheaper on Amazon.  Zeke could hardly stand this liquid version, so I found chewable "wafers" (they taste like a mix between smarties and sweet tarts!) and he eats 2 of them every morning as well.  They are called Source Naturals Attentive Child.
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