Friday, January 3, 2014

Oh, It Wasn't A 1-hour Delay Today?

All of a sudden there was a Jude in my bed, excitedly pounding on my face saying, "mommy, nose, mommy, nose..."

I rolled over thinking how wonderful of a Saturday morning it was. I must have slept in somehow and it must have been much-needed because I didn't even feel an ounce of guilt for not getting up early to have some time in the quiet before the kids woke up.

Then I remembered that it wasn't Saturday, but Friday.  Only the second day back in school for the kids, so a SCHOOL Friday.

I fished my phone (aka alarm) out from under my pillow, uncertain of how in the world it got there instead of on its charger across the room, which is intentionally placed across the room so I'll get my butt out of bed and turn it off in the mornings.


And then I thought to myself, "that was sweet of Josh to let me sleep and get the kids off to school".

Then I heard Rainy...

What in the world was going on?!

I climbed out of bed, confused and not thinking clearly AT ALL!

All the kids were slowly getting out of bed.
Nobody was dressed yet.
No tears by any of them, just leisurely getting ready for the day.

We had just had the most bizarre night!

A late-night rehearsal at Journey resulted in the kids getting to bed well past 10:30.
The packed dishwasher forgot to run itself.
The lunches didn't pack themselves either (one day I'll figure out how to get them to do that, and then I'll be a millionaire and have enough money to let my kids buy a lunch everyday, and never use my own invention).
I remember coughing all.night.long last night.
I remember Josh getting up and bringing me medicine that he demanded asked me to take.
I remember finally falling asleep shortly after.

And then 9:18 happened.

I felt like the Zombie Apocalypse had just occurred.

To top it all off it was cold as &*$% outside and all our outside toys and furniture were blown all over the yard and knocked over AND the coffee was still not making itself.

Somehow both of our alarms had gone off, or NOT gone off, without our knowing it (I guess we'll never know what happened) and the day was just going to fall into place the way days fall into place everyday.

Josh walked around the house singing silly songs as he gently moved our kids toward getting out the door to school. (hopefully Zeke could get in a lesson or two before they ate lunch, ha!)

It may not have been a planned 1-hour delay by Wake County, but it was a God-ordained interruption in my neatly planned, got-it-all-together kind of days I so desperately try to facilitate.

As I watched Josh calmly go with the flow I was reminded of just how little control I have on the direction life takes me sometimes, but the thing that I do have control over is my reaction.

After I made those lunches, started the dishwasher and got my first cup of coffee in my hands I decided I just needed to go with it too.  And so here I am, jammies still on, the house a disaster, the clean laundry still piled on the floor, listening to a little Bon Iver and typing away on an un-urgent blog post while Alethia and Cai play sweetly together with a conglomeration of Barbies, cars and Superheroes, because really, would worrying and scurrying around really accomplish anything at all?

"Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?"
Matthew 6:27

Happy Saturday Friday ya'll!
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