Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Free-For-All ~ the chill

I woke up yesterday morning and it took a while for me to notice, but eventually I realized just how nice and warm I was as I looked out the window as the crisp, cold breeze blew through the trees.  My eyes opened wide as I quickly made my way to the thermostat.  "He turned the heat on!"  "He turned the HEAT on!" "He turned the heat ON!" "HE turned the heat on!"

We ALWAYS wait until the last possible moment to take such drastic measures!  But he'd already made the decision.  Without me!  He didn't even give any warning that this day was even close to happening!  (maybe because it's been difficult for me to get out of bed when the thermostat reads at 63 degrees)

But then again, I really think this is one of the coldest Octobers we have ever experienced.  I remember Octobers past where my beautifully crafted pumpkin sat, rotting on the front porch, in the humidity and heat.  So, for the sake of the blue-lipped, cold-tootsied children in this house I will forgive you, Josh Via;)  And I apologize to all the rest of you who were counting on us to hold out on the heat-up with you, ha!

Speaking of Josh Via, he just headed out for the last fall retreat/camp/trip of the season.  We are all so proud of how hard my man works for this family and for The Kingdom, but we are already anticipating his return.

Speaking of an anticipated return, my anxiety level was a COMPLETE "0" yesterday!  It's been a L-O-N-G time folks, and I am already anticipating it's return...maybe today?

I just saw an add for Katy Perry.  I've never in my life listened to one of her albums...until now.  Not my favorite, but it's something different.  What are you listening to lately?

I just downed a mug of Alka-Seltzer cold and sinus:(

Here's to a weekend filled with warm heat, cold breeze, stuffy noses and new music.

Happy Friday ya'll!
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