Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fake It 'til You Make It ~ when it's more than just a choice

Sometimes, actually A LOT of times, joy is as simple as CHOOSING to be joyful.

choosing to stay focused on Christ
choosing to bounce your thoughts
choosing to see the positive
choosing to be grateful
choosing not to wallow in your personal pity party

It's a choice in the way you respond to the hand you've been dealt in life by the ONE who knit you together.

But for some of us, there are days, weeks, even months, where the inner peace and joy are much much more than simply a choice to "stay positive".

The choices for focus and gratefulness and thinking only on TRUTH are made, but sometimes that gut anxiety continues to linger and grow.

I have a mental list I go through when seasons like this come on.

Some of these are my own personal triggers that cause an onslaught of feeling overwhelmed and anxious.  Others are things that can bring feelings of accomplishment (even if it IS just getting a shower in that day) to keep one foot in front of the other to simply get through the day.

waking up on time for a quiet time - if I allow myself time to "wake up" and mentally prepare for the day and surrender my focus to Christ BEFORE the kids get up I tend to feel more prepared for what may come my way

exercise - exercise does way more for my mental health than my physical well-being

getting a shower - yes, that's right!  Get your butt out of bed and freshen up.  A shower can make the world a much brighter (and less smelly) place;)

getting dressed - get your butt out of those yoga pants you've been wearing all week, and get into some REAL clothes.  Don't hate!  I love my yoga pants just as much as you other women, but give it a try!

fixing hair - Yes, another one.  Can you tell that your appearance can really affect your self-esteem and mental health?

eating all my meals - so often my meals get skipped or forgotten in the frenzy of spill clean-ups, refills and "I'm still hungry"'s.  I wrote an entire post on this one day:) I can ALWAYS tell a difference if I've skipped a meal.  More than my stomach begins growling, if you know what I mean.

drinking plenty of water - you may think I'm crazy, but drinking plenty of water helps in a HUGE way!

limiting caffeine and sugar - same with limiting too much caffeine and sugar.

This list is not a cure-all for my days filled with unexplainable anxiety, but they at least help me get to the hope that is tomorrow.  Thank God for those new mercies that are promised to come in the morning.
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